In the middle of the Po Delta, in the lands surrounding the mouth of this river, our family has been growing wheat for generations. AGRIFREE was born from our passion and experience which we have inherited, and turned into a modernized farm lead by a young and dedicated forward thinking team. With this in mind, we have decided to focus on organic farming. We make the most of our natural fertile land without using chemicals. All the products grown on our land are produced in a sustainable and responsible way. For us growing organic is the way to keep our promise both to the nature and to the environment for the future.

Live well, eat healthy, made in Italy.

Our wheat

The organic durum wheat originates entirely from our crops of the Po Delta area. We ensure total traceability of our local products km 0.

The milling phase

The wheat is stone ground and sifted to preserve all its original aromas and nutritional contents. The durum wheat flour and all other flours are produced from the milling process.

The pasta making

The PO DELTA pasta is simply made by adding water to the organic wholemeal durum wheat flour. Its natural composition makes it sensitive to humidity and for this reason, the pasta needs to be kept in a dry and cool place. Allergens: Gluten and may contain traces of broad beans, soy and lupin.


Agrifree pasta is obtained exclusively from wheat grown in the Po Delta.
At the origin of the supply chain of our 0 km products according to complete traceability.

From the whole wheat semolina of organic durum wheat, with the sole addition of water we obtain the Po Delta pasta.


The stone ground milling process of our organic wheat, which happens under a controlled and certified environment, gives our flours their versatility, suitable for every need.


We do not only make pasta; with our organic flours, we make other delicious products suitable for all occasions.

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