Agrifree was born about five years ago, in the wake of a long tradition of growing wheat in the soils of the Po Delta.
For some years now, the company, completely renovated and in the hands of young people, has been determined to focus decisively on the future. For this reason we have embarked on the path of organic farming with conviction, exploiting the natural fertility of the soil, totally excluding the use of chemicals.
At the origin of the supply chain of our products is the cultivation of organic wheat, subsequently stone-ground in a certified environment, so as to preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional properties unaltered.
From the grinding of soft wheat we obtain a variety of flours for the most diverse needs.

For us, organic production means staying faithful to a pact of solidarity with the environment and nature, looking to the future.
Our motto is:



Yes, I know, English is spoken in the world now. And Agrifree is no exception.
But on closer inspection, there is history in that name!
Of those who see the field (ager said the Latins) as a friend, and as a friend you want it free.
A story that comes from afar. That only the great river can tell. Because we are in the middle of its Delta, in the land at the mouth, where the wheat has been cultivated for generations, passed from hand to hand.

Here, in the middle of the fields of La Mea, where you can now see modern warehouses and old refurbished structures, an ancient heart beats.
Here were the stables, the caretaker’s house. The houses, so many children to plant a school. Here I was the teacher. I had to teach to say things, to write them in words. But what I have learned too: the gestures of men at work, the face of the seasons, respect for the earth, the life of animals and plants. An ancient history, which is now projected into the future.

That school is no longer there. But his legacy is alive. We are in the fourth generation, that of Agrifree, that of my niece Giorgia, of her brother-in-law Nicola. Thanks to them this story can continue.



Agrifree was born inside the park of the Po Delta, in the lands at the mouth. Company that has been handed down for generations, today completely renewed and in the hands of the future: young people.


Biological agriculture

We have embarked on the “Organic Agriculture” path for a sustainable project in full respect of nature and man.


NO chemicals

We work the land by exploiting the natural fertility of the soil, we strictly exclude the use of chemicals.


Organic produce

Organic production means establishing a pact of solidarity with the environment and nature, producing in a sustainable and responsible way.